Bio Erik Kraak

Erik Kraak

Erik is a Senior Coach and Change Consultant with over 25 years of international experience in corporate environments. He is committed to inspiring leaders to unleash the potential at the benefit of all. He is recognized as a specialist in developing Agile working environments and Agile Leadership.

Coming originally from the Netherlands, Erik is a global citizen who worked in the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Germany, Belgium, France and Venezuela and currently resides in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. He is fluent in Dutch and English and he has a working knowledge in German.

Erik has a successful corporate track record of over 14 years at ING and another 11 years in the consultancy industry leading complex change. Clients include ABN AMRO, MN Services, Swiss Life and Achmea. In the last few years he plays a key role in the transformation of ING into a Global IT company with a banking license.

Erik holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Informatics, is Black Belt in Lean, Agile Practitioner, registered Personal Coach, Systemic Coach and Insights Practitioner. He excels in Agile Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Lean Coaching, Organizational Change and Systemic Interventions.