Leadership coaching

Leadership Transition

We support new leaders through the key milestones of the critical first 18 months. To ensure the leader realises his/her promise we work with leaders to: create a relationship strategy; a plan for the first 6 weeks; a mindset that balances curiosity with the need to prove yourself; craft key messages as well as symbolic messages (this may include preparation of speeches etc.); analyse organisational culture and expectations; create their own vision and mission and how to engage their teams and relevant others; align their (management) teams, organise and design change workshops.

Leadership agility

Our ever-changing, complex environment requires a new kind of leader, one who can energise, functions as a catalyst and lead people in a direction that will benefit a complex set of customers and stakeholders or eco-system. These stakeholder groups — including customers, investors, employees, partners and communities — have more choices, are better informed than ever before and are interconnected. In this new reality, we need agile leaders who are able to quickly sense, adapt to and proactively shape constant change. We support leaders developing capabilities to drive the necessary transformation of organisation and people.